Windows 95/98 Setup Insructions

Section 1

Dial-up network configuration

Step 1 : double click "my computer"

Step 2 : double click "Dial-Up Networking"

(if Dial-up Networking is not available, double click the control panel, double click the add/remove programs icon, select the Windows Setup tab, double click on communications, and check the Di al -up Networking box and hit "ok".)

Step 3 : double click "Make New Connection" (Note if this is you first connection the wizard might start if it does just continue with step 4)

Step 4 : name of computer you are dialing - iTCANADA

NOTE : The correct modem should be the default leave it as it appears

Step 5 : Click "next" button

Step 6 : Enter the following; area code 905, telephone number 905 988-1355, Country code Canada 1

Step 7 : Click "next button" then Click the Finish Button you should now see the new icon you created

Step 8 : highlight the "iTCANADA" icon and click on it with your right mouse button. Select properties, Un-check use country code and area code (Note the area code and county code boxes will now be gray".

Select server type. Under Advanced option uncheck "Log onto Network" This leaves only Enable Software compression turned on. In the "allowable network protocols", uncheck the netBEUI and IPX/SPX compatible. Make sure "TCP/ IP is selected the screen should look like the following image.


Your done keep clicking OK Three times until you are back to the dial-up icon

Step 9 when you see the iTCANADA icon click on it with the RIGHT mouse button and select create short cut, you will get this message JUST CLICK YES

Now close all your windows and you will see an icon for iTCANADA to log onto the internet just double click it.

Now enter the username you selected NO CAPITALS and the password you were assigned, click on connect after you connect select your browser to start surfing. In Windows 95 the icon on the main page is the GLOBE WITH THE LOOKING GLASS. If this icon takes you into the internet setup wizard just select "Current" Now you can setup your email as outlined in section 2.

E-mail Setup for Internet Mail (Internet Explorer)

It is very important to setup your email as this is how we send general email information and your bill to you.

Step 1 email setup Goto our homepage in your web browser i.e. Netscape or Internet Explorer and goto the following site:

at the bottom of the page you will find email setup go to this page for setup instructions on your email.

If the email setup wizard appears you will need the following information.

Name (This field can be anything)

Organization ( If asked for it can by anything or left blank)

Both the inbound and outbound mail servers are to by named

you account is just your username (not your email address)

your email address is