Itcanada: Mail Setup

E-mail setup to work with Itcanada

Netscape Navigator Users (2.x and 3.x)

1. Start Netscape Navigator
2. Click on the Menu: Options
3. Scroll down and click on: Mail and News Preferences
4. Click on the "Server" tab and fill in the following:

6. Click on the "Identy" tab and fill in the following:

5. Click on "OK" and you are done

Netscape Communicator Users (4.x)

1. Open your Netscape Communicator
2. Click on the Edit Menu
3. Select "Preferences"
4. Look in the Categories Box and click on the "+" beside "Mail and Groups" 5. This will bring up options within "Mail and Groups"
6. Choose "Mail Server" and fill out the following:

7. Choose "Your Identity" and fill out the following:

8. Click on Ok and you are done

Internet Mail

1. Start your Internet Mail program
2. Select "Mail" then select "options" in the Menu
3. Click on Server
4. Fill out the following:

6. Click on Ok
7. Click on Ok again and you are done

Outlook Express

1. Start your Outlook Express program
2. Select "Tools" in the menu
3. Choose the "accounts" option
4. Click on "Add" and then select "Mail", this will start the wizard
5. Enter your full name and click on next
6. Enter your email address ( and click next
7. Incoming and Outgoing mail servers: and click next
(Leave the pulldown menu set on "POP-3")
8. Select "Log on Using" and fill out:
Pop account name: username
Password: (password) and click next
9. Internet Mail Account Name:
10. Check "I will establish my connection manually" and click next
11. Click on finish
12. Click on Set as Default
13. Click Ok and you are done


1. Open your Eudora mail program
2. Click on the Tools menu
(If there is no tools menu just find option to enter setup)
3. Select Options
4. Fill out the Following:

5. Click ok and you are done