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Install a sink or bathroom anywhere you like!

The introduction of macerating systems to the North American plumbing world has caused many people to rethink the possibility of installing additional toilet or bathroom facilities.

The SaniRange provides you with the means to install additional facilities almost anywhere in a building, at greatly reduced labour costs, especially when traditional gravity flow systems can not be installed.

How is it done? A macerating system combines a pump and a grinder into one unit which is connected to a spigot outlet toilet. After flushing the toilet, human waste and toilet paper are liquefied which, mixed with the flushing water, is pumped away through a small diameter (3/4") discharge pipe. The effluent can be pumped vertically and or horizontally or a combination of both.

The macerating action pumps waste as fine slurry into a sewer, septic tank or a holding tank. Blockages due to poor drainline carry are now a thing of the past.

The SaniRange has many advantages over traditional systems;

  • Installation is extremely flexible, the user decides where to put a toilet or bathroom. It is now longer dictated by the drainage system.
  • No break work required. No mess in your house. The floor integrity is not compromised.
  • Labour costs are a fraction of traditional sewage tank/lift pump installations.
  • Our systems can be up and running within half a day.
  • Our small diameter pipe (3/4") is used. No large sized pipes are needed.
  • Our systems can be installed from the attic to the basement. Alternative systems can only be installed in basements.
  • Our systems do not take up more spacer than a regular toilet. Alternative systems need a minimum of 30 inches clearance and must be accessible at all times








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