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Church Alive is a theological association and spiritual fellowship of United Church of Canada people and friends from several denominations.

The name "Church Alive" is very much a prayer that the Church may be fully alive in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God the Father.

The purpose of Church Alive is to make a clear, Biblical witness to Jesus Christ crucified, risen and exalted; to encourage rigorous theological enquiry and discussion; to challenge doctrinal inadequacies; to encourage spiritual growth through prayer, Bible learning, sacramental worship and other means of grace; and to encourage a truly prophetic approach to the culture and society in which we live.

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The Manhattan Declaration 



  • Rev. Greg Brawn's message:

Greetings, Covenanting Congregations!

I assume you are all aware of Remit #6 regarding adding The Song of Faith, The New Creed, and the 1940 Statement of Faith to the Basis of Union.
Every congregation is to vote for or against adding each of these three faith statements to the United Church’s official doctrine, making them equal to the Twenty Articles of Faith.

I don’t know where your Session/Board is in the process of discussing and voting on this remit.
My congregation, Byron United Covenant Church, has prepared a report and recommendation for our own Session, and it was suggested that we share this with the other Covenanting Congregations for your consideration. The linked document is divided into three parts.

1) The recommendation to our Session (2 pages).
2) The actual report (5 pages).
3) An older report on Faith Talk II, dealing with The Song of Faith (3 pages).

You are welcome to distribute this report freely.
We share this report in the hope that you find it helpful, recognizing that each Session/Board will discern for themselves how to vote on Remit #6.
We also welcome receiving reports/recommendations on this Remit from you and other congregations.

Yours in our Lord Jesus,
Rev. Greg Brawn
Byron United Covenant Church
London, Ontario


To contact us, email us at (PLEASE PUT Church Alive IN SUBJECT) or phone the President, the Rev. Dr. Frank Lockhart, 905-623-3138.

Church Alive was incorporated by letters patent (Canada) in 1974 and is a registered charity with the number 11885 9081 RR0001. Donations may be sent to Church Alive, 7 Barley Mill Cr., Bowmanville, ON L1C 4E5, and receipts will be sent by March of the next year or sooner if specified. For our CCRA annual report click on (Charities).




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