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Welcome To The Music Continent On Planet Gaz!

programmed by DJ Gazzy Gaz

The inspiration for my rock music has grown over the years but my greatest current inspiration is my Aunt Cindy! Well to be honest, she's not my real auntie. She's Cindy Chan, the Rock 'N Roll Queen of the Night on97 Rock in Buffalo.
Make sure you check out Cindy's web site by clicking on her name above. And don't forget to check out the babe of Saturday night Megan (birthdate - August 13, 1968) - the other half of the Rock 'N Roll Sl..s!! If you want to listen to a Canadian rock counterpart, why not try Y95.3 FM in Hamilton! Aunt Cindy's Canadian rival here is none other than the "Babe in the Hammer", Lea Miller. Of course, when I get tired of that Old Time Rock 'N Roll and need to feed my soul, I'll just tune into WBLK out of Buffalo. Hot Links


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