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"Some people think that the pig is a smart animal. The Pig, if I am not mistaken, gives us ham and pork and bacon. Let others think his heart is big, I think it stupid of the pig." - Ogden Nash, famous poet

Join Ontario Chile Pepperheads where Ontario pepper phreaks and their friends gather together to grow them hotter!

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To taste authentic barbecue, the rule is: Memphis for ribs, North Carolina for pork, Texas for brisket, and Kansas City for everything! Anything and Everything About HOT Chiles. World's hottest Chiles, sauces, seeds, and recipes.

  • The Smoke Ring - BBQ Website community

  • Wes' BBQ Joint: The Gospel of BBQ
  • Kansas City BBQ Joints
  • Arthur Bryants of KC
  • BBQ Joints in SW/So.-Cent Missouri
  • Joplin BBQ Joints
  • BBQ - Guide to Best BBQ Joints in N. America
  • BBQ
  • Chicago's Top 40 BBQ Joints
  • Kansas City BBQ Yellow Pages
  • Barbecue, barbeque, BBQ, Bar-B-Q, Bar-B-QUE however you spell it brings to mind tender roasted meat with a smoky flavor & a tangy sauce. It's a unique N. American cultural tradition.


  • Desert Dogs Trading Post
  • Griller's Choice
  • Ontario Gas BBQ
  • KC Specialties
  • Brazos Mesquite
  • Backwoods Smokers
  • Jack Daniels Website
  • Desert Mesquite : wwod chips, BBQ, smoked meats...
  • Caribbean Island Imports
  • Joe's General Store
  • Hot Sauce Playing Cards
  • Kamado Cooking
  • BBQ & BEER

  • BBQ & Beer Page - Also on Brewskie page
  • BigJay's BBQ & Beer site
  • Big Hank's Outdoor Pleasure Palace
  • Frank's BBQ, Recipes & Beer
  • BBQ & Brew

  • The Smoke Ring - BBQ Website community
  • Barbecue & Charcoal Grill Home Page
  • The Barbecue Bible
  • CHILONE'S Smoke 'N Spice
  • Gentleman's Guide To Swine Dining
  • Bryan's Smokin' Page
  • Quest for the "Perfect Ribs"
  • Smokin & BBQ Lee's Way
  • Meat Smoking & Curing FAQ
  • Big Dewey's BBQ Page
  • Danny's BBQ Joint
  • Wes' BBQ Joint: BBQ Philosophy
  • Casey and Dawn's BBQ Page
  • Garry's BBQ Pit
  • Circle F Ranch BBQ
  • Holley's "Pit" Page
  • Barbecue'n & Grillin'
  • BBQ Survival Page
  • BBQ FAQs & more
  • Ed's Cooking & Barbecue
  • Russell & Jane's BBQ Page
  • Some great Sausage Links
  • Kansas City BBQ Connection
  • Angel Pigs La Porcherie
  • Fire In The Hole Cookers
  • Barbecue & Barbecuing
  • The Lexington Collection
  • Les Kincaid Food Lifestyles
  • Superglut "grill afficianados"
  • Grant's lil bbq page
  • St. Paul, Minn. Rib Buddies
  • The Back Porch - A beginner's helper BBQ page
  • The Burpin' Terp Tailgate Party
  • Outdoor Pyromania
  • Connie Black's Texas Barbeque
  • Mining Co. BBQ & Grillin' Pages
  • The BBQ Pit- w/ BarBeQue Man
  • For Barbecue Lovers Only
  • Rick's BBQ Page
  • Internet Barbeque Review
  • The Kansas City BBQ Forum
  • Cooking Hawgs in Mississippi
  • "Everything You Wanted to know about ribs but were afraid to ask - by Ribman
  • Lockhart, Texas: BBQ capital of Texas
  • BirdChild's BBQ page
  • Rocky's BBQ Page
  • Pig n' Pepper Barbecue Harvest
  • Lee's Smokin' Barbecue Page
  • Smokin' Jims Canadian BBQ Page
  • Shaboom's Grillin' & Smokin BBQ Page
  • Mark's Cajun BBQ homepage
  • Craig' Rhode Island Smoking Shack
  • The Jerky Times
  • Green Bay Packer Tailgate Party
  • Big Jim's BBQ Page
  • NorthWest Smokin'
  • The Commissioner of Tailgating
  • The Tailgater Webzine

  • Purple Smoke
  • BBQ Republic BBQ Team
  • Rib Stars
  • The Texas Barbeque Boys: Haute Cuisine Critics
  • Lotta BS BBQ team out of KC

  • Hernando County Rodeo & BBQ Festival
  • The Blue Ridge Barbecue Festival

  • Barbeque
  • Shade Tree Bar-B-Que
  • Warnecke's Ultimate BBQ Page
  • Be you into BBQ
  • The Chitterling Recipe Site
  • Kurt's Backyard BBQ
  • BBQ Recipes
  • Outdoor Cooking World
  • Northwest Smokin' - Sausage Recipes
  • BBQ List Recipe Archive
  • The World's Best Beef BarBQ Recipe
  • Smoke'n & BBQ'N Recipes
  • Cookshacks Virtual Barbecue
  • Dave's Cookin' Page
  • Galley Chef's Gourmet Cookery

  • National BBQ Association
  • Kansas City BBQ Society
  • Greater Omaha BBQ Society (GOBS) Homepage
  • Lone Star BBQ Society
  • New England BBQ Society
  • New England Barbecue Society
  • California BBQ Assoc. website
  • Riverside (Cal.) BBQ Society
  • So. Cal BBQ Association
  • Georgia BBQ Association

  • Smokehousenews
  • BBQ Mail List
  • The Barbecue Gazette
  • Barbecue'n on the Internet
  • The Barbecue News
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