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Greetings from your benevolent Planetary Ruler - Da Gaz20 miles east across the United States border is Click for Buffalo, New York Forecast

Please visit Ed Fisk Testimonial page - Ed was a great person I never got a good enough chance to know but what I did know about him was that he was all about honour, respect and family.

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Check out Crickhollow! One of the most extensive links sites for J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy - Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers & Return of the King.

Join Planet Gaz Fantasy Sports Zone where fantasy sports nuts find out whats going on in the fantasy universe!

Click here to see Teddy Bear cookie at GrammaHugs.

Click here to listen to Bear Claus and Miss Linda's musings!

SPECIAL NOTE: A friend of mine had a very precious thing taken from her. A very special bear named "Cha Cha" was stolen from her while she was looking the other way. Please click here My Teddy Bear Was Snatched at a Mardi Gras Parade--Please Help Us Find Her! She lives in New Orleans and has many Teddy Bears. If you know anything about please contact myself or her. Even better, add this link to your site and join the search or visit Garden Gumbo or Teddy Bear Gumbo to see her picture.

This site about Arthur was highly recommended to me by my niece Megan "The Meganator" Bellinger and nephew Aaron "The Great Aarono" Bellinger, so I hope that you like it!! For parents like Wayne and Juanita, check out the parent's corner.

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Topics to some of my favorite links on my world! Any suggestions?:

Music Continent The Best of the Classic Rock links reside here. No Electric Circus or dance junk found here! Only real honest Rock 'N Roll music.
Sports Continent - Soccer, Hockey, Football, Rugby, Auto Racing, Golf, Sports media and trading cards
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More Gretz sites
Off to the Brewskie Continent! To The Pub! To The Pub! To The Pub! Tastes from around the world
Supper's Ready! To The Fridge! To The Q! To The Stove! Tastes from around the world

Join Ontario Chile Pepperheads where Ontario pepper phreaks and their friends gather together to grow them hotter!

The Travel-Environment Continent - For all you nature nuts!
The Computer Continent (I'm not including a Microsoft link here because if you want to go there, I'm sure you know it already. And what the heck, what does Bill Gates need with me anyhow!)

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  • Important site for hockey fans!
  • Computer Programmer Resume - What I do and where I am.

    with your comment/suggestions.

    Other neat sites: Star Trek And no, we're not all pointy-eared freaks. I have only one pair of Spock ears!!!

    And now for something completely different!

    Monty Python

    G'Day, Ladies and Bruces! It's the Official Monty Python Homepage

    Here are some Monty Python song lyrics

    Fantasy Art Site

  • My Biography

    My first name is Gary but lots of the time I will go by the nickname Gazza. The following is a brief biography of who is behind this page. I am at present a recent graduate of computer programming at Niagara College and am doing an extensive job search. Previously, I had graduated with a B.A. in Politics from Brock University in 1984 and a certificate of Journalism from Niagara College in 1987. After that, I worked at a community newspaper in Fort Erie, Ont for 3 1/2 years. This is my first attempt at HTML - hope you like it.

    Some of my interests include European soccer, for us North Americans and Down Unders, football for the rest of the world, reading novels of political intrigue, watching Star Trek, collecting hockey cards and listening to the music of the rock band YES, particularly Rick Wakeman. Hopefully, I will be able to get all this information and/or links to related websites.